Brevard Zoo Membership Newsletter Fall 2019 - Page 15

species as she gave birth to two litters during her time here. Mama and her daughter were moved to a behind-the-scenes area last year to make way for the rescued Florida black bear habitat, where they thrived with increased privacy. Remembering Mama Back in April, we had to say a hard goodbye to 15-year-old red wolf Mama. She arrived at the Zoo in 2007, playing a crucial role in the conservation of her Unfortunately, Mama’s quality of life began declining earlier this year and the decision was made to humanely euthanize her. Because wolves are highly social animals, we relocated Mama’s 10-year-old daughter; she is now settling nicely into her new home with another wolf at the Virginia Living Museum! Leave Your Mark on the Zoo Our stunning new Celebration Garden is the perfect place to honor a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. Email or call 321-254-9453, ext. 239 for more information. Learn and Play Make memories experiencing Brevard County outdoors through our free Family Nature Club! For more information and to register, email or call 321-254-9453, ext. 252. Do you know any 13–16-year-olds passionate about animals, conservation and their community? They might be a great fit for our Zoo Teen program! Visit before Sunday, October 13 to apply. If your child has unique sensory- processing needs, be sure to join us for Sensory Boo at the Zoo on Saturday, October 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. Visit to register for this evening of candy, games and more seasonal fun. Four-year-old male Meru somehow cracked his upper left tusk earlier this year, angling it straight toward his skull. Red Ruffed Lemurs Move In Meru’s Toothy Troubles Sisters Julienne and Juniper made their debut this summer. Be sure to visit them in Expedition Africa! North Sulawesi babirusas have unique upper canines that grow through the top of the snout and curve backward. Worried the tusk would grow into his cranium or develop an infection, we brought Meru into surgery to remove this portion of the tusk and trim the tip of his other tusk. While he was anesthetized, our veterinary staff conducted a general wellness exam and found him to be in otherwise great health. Meru made a full recovery and is now back to his normal self! Brevard Zoo News | Fall 2019 | 15