Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 10

Perdido Key Beach Mice Captive Breeding Weathering the storm In September 2004, as Hurricane Ivan barreled through the Gulf of Mexico, 12 wild beach mice were collected from Perdido Key State Park and placed at the University of South Carolina’s Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center for safekeeping. Some of the mouse population on Perdido Key survived the storm, as did those placed at the center, and in 2007, the captive mice and their progeny were transferred to four carefully selected Florida zoos. Through experimentation with husbandry techniques, Brevard Zoo rapidly increased the population of Perdido Key beach mice. 12 founder mice captured from the wild in 2004 11 offspring and 1 founder arrive at Brevard Zoo in 2007 10 wild mice are brought to Brevard Zoo in 2015 229 mice have been born at Brevard Zoo 88 mice sent to other organizations for outreach and education 109 mice remain at Brevard Zoo for outreach, education and breeding 32 mice from Brevard Zoo have been released to the wild 9