Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 8

Florida Scrub-Jay Translocation ”Recent data suggests that Florida scrub-jays are continuing to decline in population. With real estate markets improving, new construction is again reducing the habitat available to these birds. Translocation of jay families, an approach pioneered by Brevard Zoo, can be a useful tool to support the recovery of this threatened species.” Vince Lamb wildlife photographer and conservationist Finding a happy home In the past century, Florida scrub-jay numbers have declined by 90% due to loss of scrub habitat, the most endangered of all Florida ecosystem types (source: UF/IFAS EDIS). Scrub, shown here, is a sandy, fire-dependent upland habitat that’s fragmenting and disappearing at an alarming rate due to human development and fire suppression. Scrub-jays do not migrate, so they will not necessarily seek out a more suitable habitat if their quality of life is compromised. >D  id you know? Florida scrub-jays serve an important ecosystem function by dispersing scrub oak acorns and the seeds of other scrub plants. 7