Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 32

1 1 31 25 30 23 22 24 How your change, changes the world 6 29 27 26 28 32 2011-2015 Projects Supported by Quarters for Conservation United States (1.) Butterflies Florida Butterfly Monitoring Network Coral Coral Restoration Foundation Sea Turtles University of Central Florida Swallow-tailed Kite Avian Research and Conservation Institute Atala Butterfly Brevard Zoo Dolphin Sarasota Dolphin Research Project East Coast Diamondback Terrapin Brevard Zoo Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Kissimmee Prairie Preserve’s Citizen Support Organization Florida Scrub-Jay Brevard Zoo Monofilament Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program Northern Right Whale Marine Resources Council and Brevard County Red Cockaded Woodpecker Citizens for the St. Sebastian Preserve, Inc. Mangroves Brevard Zoo Oyster Mats Oyster Restoration Program Africa 2. Chimpanzee & Western Lowland Gorilla • Republic of the Congo Goualougo Triangle Ape Project 3. Cheetah • Namibia Cheetah Conservation Fund 4. African Carnivores • Botswana and Namibia African Predator Conservation Research Organization and Cheetah Conservation Fund 5. Western Lowland Gorillas • Republic of Congo Wildlife Conservation Society 6. Chimpanzee • Sierra Leone Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary 7. Giraffe • Namibia Giraffe Conservation Fund Pollinators Blank Park Zoo Plant.Grow.Fly Program 8. Sea Turtle • Kenya Watamu Turtle Watch Shoreline Restoration Brevard Zoo 9. Grevy’s Zebra • Kenya Grevy’s Zebra Trust