Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 24

Oyster Mats Step 1 Restaurants and seafood distributors collect and donate oyster shells. Step 2 Volunteers attach shells to aquaculture mesh with zip ties to create oyster mats. Step 3 Volunteers anchor mats to the estuary floor in the footprint of damaged oyster reefs. Step 4 The mats provide habitat for new free-swimming oyster larvae to settle on. Altogether, the Brevard Oyster Restoration program has put several million oysters back into the lagoon. Oyster Gardening Step 1 Waterfront residents receive scientific training and supplies at a workshop. 23 Step 2 These volunteers bring home shells covered in juvenile oysters. Step 3 Volunteers care for oysters from their docks, submitting data on oyster success. Step 4 Data points to the best locations for building new oyster reefs.