Brevard Zoo Conservation Report 2016 | Page 21

Bee boxes Women of the Wild’s founding year was the Year of the Bee. They hosted several programs to build bee boxes (above). Build your own Proceeds from these programs have helped fund an additional hive at the Zoo and cultivation of two pollinator gardens. Pollinator-friendly native plants Sunshine mimosa turf replacement Firebush quick-growing shrub with showy flowers Seed bombs Dune sunflower salt-tolerant, thrives in sandy soils In summer 2015, the Zoo received grant funding from Rockwell Collins and Hilton Worldwide to make seed bombs—small, tightly rolled balls of soil made from compost and native wildflower seeds—that can be dispersed to create new wildflower meadow habitat for wild pollinators! About 1,400 seed bombs have been deployed through this program! 20