Breaking New Ground—Stories from Defence Construction Breaking_new_ground - Page 89

Project: Gagetown Combat Training Centre As work at Goose Bay progressed, preparations were being made for an even larger project, with the award of a consultant contract for final design of the Combat Training Centre at Gagetown. This was a facility for Mobile Command (the land forces, or army), where they would be able to train infantry, field artillery and armoured officers, consolidating schools in one central location. Project: BATUS and GATES The late 1980s once again saw DCC active in Suffield at the British Army Training Unit (BATUS) and in Shilo at the German Army Training Establishment (GATES). Contracts were awarded for barracks and support facilities at both locations, with work funded by these “visitor” NATO nations. A $1.8 million tank support facility at BATUS was finished during 1988–89, the same year that a $5.5 million engine repair and test facility at GATES was completed. The $56 million project was scheduled to begin in the summer of 1988, and incorporated phased construction planning in order to save time. The first phase was completed in 1988–89, and Phase II, involving the foundation and structural steel, was awarded that same year. By 1992, the completed project was handed over to the Army. BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA 79