Breaking New Ground—Stories from Defence Construction Breaking_new_ground - Page 146

J.R.L. (Lorne) Atchison 1985–1996 Lorne Atchison, the organization’s third President, began working for DCL in 1959, immediately after graduating in Civil Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. He began as the assistant to the Assistant Engineer in Charge of Army Projects, but after approximately a year, he stepped up to become Assistant Project Engineer in North Bay for the construction of the Bomark Missile Base. He worked there for another year before being sent to Saint John, New Brunswick on loan to the consultant who was working on the BRIDGE project. 136 Lorne progressed on loan to Army Headquarters to wind up the BRIDGE program. In 1964, he moved to Head Office as Engineer in Charge of Army Projects, with additional responsibilities for the Heavy Civil projects. His last position with the Corporation before leaving to pursue his career in the private sector in 1973 was as Senior Project Engineer in Valcartier. In the private sector, he joined Bail Construction, which was involved in the construction of institutional buildings in the mid-Canada latitudes and of Hydro Quebec’s Baie James. Three years later, Lorne went into business for himself, first on a joint ventures basis with Bail and then, three years later, with a partner. He returned to DCL as Vice-President (Construction) in 1982. In January 1985, he was appointed President, expertly shepherding the Corporation through a series of government reviews and changes in defence priorities. BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA