Breaking New Ground—Stories from Defence Construction Breaking_new_ground - Page 127

Timber used to build a large World War II-era airplane hangar at 19 Wing/CFB Comox on Vancouver Island found new life as floorboards and decorative trims for housing projects in British Columbia. About 400,000 board feet of 500-year-old Douglas fir lumber was salvaged during the green demolition of 1 Hangar in 2005, making it the largest recycling project in British Columbia at the time. British Columbia, gaining new life as floorboards and decorative trims. With about 400,000 board feet of lumber salvaged, this project became the largest recycling project in B.C. in late 2005. Several large timbers were also saved for the 19 Wing Wood Hobby Club, to build a new conference table for the Comox Air Force Museum—helping ensure that a part of 1 Hangar’s legacy lives on at the Wing. Project: Smooth Sailing at the Fleet Maintenance Facility Sailors in the Pacific Naval Fleet call it the “corner garage”—officially, however, it’s known as the Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF) Cape Breton Shop at CFB Esquimalt, and it’s responsible for the repair and overhaul of ships and auxiliary vessels. This facility’s massive $250 million overhaul is one of DCC’s largest projects to date. BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA The multi-phase Shop Consolidation Project will transform the FMF’s 38 maintenance shops into one of the largest enclosed buildings on North America’s West coast—second only to the Boeing aircraft plant in Washington. Located within the Ship Repair Zone of the dockyard, everything from engine shops to radar shops will be found under one roof, about the size of seven football fields. From project management support to environmental assessments, DCC has had a role in every stage of this project—including ensuring that the most stringent west coast earthquake building code requirements are met for this critical Navy facility. DCC is also managing the logistical challenge of consolidating existing buildings within a working Navy dockyard that needs to keep its fleet in a state of ongoing readiness. 117