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Administrative Officer Brigitte Trau has also seen her share of changes in the 21 years that she has been at DCC, moving through jobs such as junior secretary, secretary and administrative assistant to her current position. “There have been many learning opportunities given to me by some of DCC’s best,” she says. “Having worked in the President’s Office, Contracting and now with the Operations Coordination team, I have worked alongside many DCC trailblazers. My most memorable DCC experience, however, was working in Afghanistan with the Roto 7 team from May to November 2009. DCC’s work in the field and our interaction with the CF really opened my eyes.” But it isn’t simply the scope and geography in which DCC works that is changing. Even the ways in which we communicate and store those communications are changing, as Danielle Richer, Manager of Corporate Administrative Services, explains: were not complete, because documents were saved on hard drives. In early 2000, I started a review of DCC’s filing system and issued the first Records Management Manual, also updating a Records Disposition Authority with National Archives from the 1960s. Now, in 2011, we continue to evolve, as we are going to an electronic filing system. In researching these stories, the theme of Defence Construction Canada emerged again and again from everyone involved with its early days—the warmth, the concern for mentoring, and the emphasis on fairness, integrity and dedication to the job at hand. While technology and growth may have lessened the immediacy of this atmosphere, it is one of the key management approaches on which the organization was founded, and deserves to be recognized. In the 1980s, the Corporation’s files consisted mostly of carbon copies of letters on onion paper and glossy faxes that faded within a few years. The records management office was large and contained all the Head Office files… Then came the computers, electronic documents and e-mails. At this point, we realized that paper files BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA 115