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DCC provided contract management support at Camp Black Bear (photographed in 2002), the headquarters for Canadian peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina. DCC on deployment As the decade opened, the Canadian Forces were still conducting Operation Palladium in Bosnia-Herzegovina—and DCC was in theatre. A Canadian logistics firm had been contracted to perform the camp support functions in theatre, thereby freeing military personnel for other tasks and reducing the frequency of their operational deployment. PWGSC was the primary con- tracting authority, but DND recognized a need for dedicated contract man- agement expertise to support its role in this initiative, and called on DCC. Originally, DCC provided value-added support to the tendering process, but this quickly evolved into providing the in-theatre contract management function. This comprised a contract manager stationed in Velika Kladusa, a city in the far northwest of Bosnia, to work with a team of military logistics, engineering, environmental and management specialists and with PWGSC contract managers in Ottawa. DCC’s role involved ensuring that the work met the contract specifications, as well as providing other support to the Task Force Commander as required. (DCC ceased operating in Bosnia as the CF reduced its commitments in this area in 2004–05.) After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the focus of the Canadian Forces changed, both in geography and strategy. The federal government placed a new emphasis on national security and public safety, and Canada’s international response to the new global security environment. Attention turned to Afghanistan. After participating in American-led combat operations, Canadian military forces established a base of operations at Camp Julien in the capital city of BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA 109