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Staff from the DCC Gagetown office volunteered to work on a Habitat for Humanity build in Moncton , New Brunswick in 2001 — the year DCC marked its 50th anniversary . DCC employees across the country participated in celebratory events and donated their time to community activities . From left to right : Darrell Stewart , Jean-Frédéric Lalonde , Dave Powell , Jean-Dominique Lalonde , Roger Massie and Fred Boyle .
Here we grow again One of the key facets of DCC ’ s success over the past 60 years has been its flexibility — its ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to the evolving needs of its primary client , DND . This ability was once again front and centre as the new millennium opened . The tragic events of September 11 , 2001 brought DND into a new operational theatre , shifting priorities overseas on a scale not seen in decades . At home , a substantial economic boom in the western part of the nation — driven by a rapid escalation in the price of oil and other commodities affecting construction costs — was followed by a steep economic downturn .
Political changes also occurred during these years that , in part , emphasized renewal of the military and its support systems , including its infrastructure . This occurred against a backdrop of increased scrutiny of the size and role of government in all functional areas . DCC would focus on strengthening the portfolio of specialty services it offered to DND while striving to improve service delivery , efficiency and transparency .
The renaissance of DCC in the 2000s echoed the rapid growth of the Corporation in the 1950s , once again at a time of increased CF operational tempo .
Celebrating 50 years In 2001 , DCC celebrated half a century of existence , with events at the national , regional and local levels , and the unveiling of a new logo for the Corporation . DCC also encouraged employees to get involved with local community projects . DCC staff from the Atlantic Region donated their labour to make a section of the Trans-Canada Trail in Cole Harbour , Nova Scotia , wheelchair accessible . In Ontario , DCC staff from the Kingston , Trenton and Central Region offices organized the materials and labour to build a children ’ s playhouse — it was raffled off , with all funds going to Habitat for Humanity . DCC Gagetown site office staff also volunteered to work on a Habitat for Humanity build in the summer in Moncton , New Brunswick . It was a fitting way to recognize DCC ’ s long record of service to the nation .
Renewed vigour , renewed direction The decade began in excellent form , from an organizational point of view . In 2000 – 01 , DCC ’ s Contract Services Division achieved ISO 9001 certification , making DCC the first federal procurement agency to do so . And , in 2001 , the Minister of Public Works and Government Services reviewed and confirmed DCC ’ s mandate to deliver defence projects for the government .
Staff from the DCC Gagetown office volun- teered to work on a Habitat for Humanity build in Moncton, New Brunswick in 2001— the year DCC marked its 50th anniversary. DCC employees across the country partici- pated in celebratory events and donated th Z\[YH[][]HX]]Y\ˈBYY\[]\ X[QY0\X“[ۙK]H[ X[QZ[\]YB[ۙK\X\YH[Y[KBR\HHܛYZ[ۙHوH^HX]و&\X\ݙ\H\YX\\Y[]^X[]x%]X[]HY\˜[[\[\[\[H][YYق][X\HY[  \X[]H\ۘHYZ[۝[[H\H]Z[[][H[Y HYX™][و\[X\ LK HY[H]›\][ۘ[X]KY[[ܚ]Y\ݙ\X\ۈB[HY[[XY\ˈ]YKHX[X[XۛZXH[H\\\وH][۸%][HH\Y\[][ۈ[HXHو[[\[[]Y\YX[ۜX[ۈ%\YHHY\XۛZX۝\]X[[\[\Y\[\HYX\] [\ [\\^Y[][وHZ[]\H[]œ\ܝ\[\[Y[][\X\K\›\YYZ[HXو[ܙX\Yܝ][HقH^H[Hوݙ\Y[[[[[ۘ[\X\ˈB[\ۈ[[[Hܝ[قXX[H\X\]ٙ\Y[H][š[\ݙH\XH[]\KYXY[H[[\[KH[Z\[Hو[H XYH\YܛوHܜܘ][ۈ[H NMLۘHYZ[]B[YHو[ܙX\Yш\][ۘ[[\˂L [X][ LYX\’[ K[X]Y[H[\Hو^\[K]][]H][ۘ[ Y[ۘ[[[][[H[Z[[وH]܈Hܜܘ][ۋ[[\YY[\YY\][Y][[][]HڙXˈYHH][X”Y[ۈۘ]YZ\X\XZHHX[ۈوB[P[YHZ[[H\\ݘHXKY[Z\X\XK[۝\[YHB[ۋ[ۈ[[[Y[ۈٙX\ܙ[^YHX]\X[[X\Z[H[[&\^Z\H8%]\YYٙ][[[X]]܂[X[]KY]ۈ]HٙXHY[[Y\YܚۈHX]]܈[X[]HZ[[H[[Y\[[ۘۋ][Xˈ]\B][^HXۚ^H&\ۙXܙو\XHH][ۋ[]YY\[]Y\X[ۂHXYHY[[^[[ܛKH[ܙ[^][ۘ[[وY]ˈ[ 8$ K&\۝X\X\]\[ۈXY]YTL H\YX][ۋXZ[H\Y\[\[Y[Y[Hœˈ[ [ KHZ[\\وXXܚ[ݙ\Y[\X\]Y]Y[ۙ\YY&\›X[]H[]\Y[HڙX܈Hݙ\Y[ PRSUԓSQSHӔPSӈSQ