Breaking New Ground—Stories from Defence Construction Breaking_new_ground - Page 107

In the 1990s, the repair and maintenance of existing facilities constituted a large part of the work at most DCC locations, starting with the restoration of the historic Military Stores building at Cartier Square in down- town Ottawa in 1990–91. While DCC’s European Branch was to wind down its Project: Reserve Force Facilities activities during this time, it was still dealing with significant work. First, regular maintenance had to From the early 1990s onwards, DCC was involved in continue—emphasizing environmental remediation and modernizing Reserve Force Facilities across Canada. the preservation of buildings and works—because the The work kicked off in 1990–91 with a $7.8 million facilities were to be returned to the host nation. And renovation of the Military Stores Building at Cartier Square second, a figure had to be set for the worth of those in downtown Ottawa. The following year, work continued facilities so that the government could make a claim for with a new armoury in Bathurst, New Brunswick, a the value of capital improvements