Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2019 Brand Protection Strategy Summit Agenda | Page 22

NT Joey Longo is a senior majoring in international relations and Chinese. He was selected as the recipient of the 2019-2020 Matthew Ronald Maher Memorial Scholarship for his second semester with the center. Using predictive analytics, Joseph is researching how China's Belt-Road Initiative will influence the Chinese counterfeiting enterprise. Kaylee Kern is a junior double majoring in accounting and criminal justice with a minor in security risk management. She has an interest in fraud, counterfeit and the risk/impacts that it has on the economy. In her first semester with the Center, she is working on researching the language that the media and companies use when talking about counterfeit products, as well as whether they disclose counterfeit on their financial statements. Mae O’Dell is a junior majoring in criminal justice and is in her third semester working with the center. Her interest are individual and organizational perceptions of counterfeiting and brand protection and learning how to best combat the crime of counterfeiting. Mae works with Jay Kennedy research that is focused on local and state law enforcement anti-counterfeiting efforts within Michigan. The goal is to learn more about the ways in which law enforcement agencies and officers approach the problem of product counterfeiting to better understand their perceptions on counterfeiting, training needs, and the effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in anti-counterfeiting efforts. Mike Barger is a senior majoring in economics and pre law. Now in his semester with the center, he is researching the counterfeit consumer product market, analyzing the determinants of consumer demand and the causes of illicit supply chains that allow counterfeit goods to enter the market. His goal is to inform firms of the problem of counterfeiting, and potential solutions. Additionally, he is working on a joint project for the center and MSU Licensing on MarketSafe. Minelli Manoukian is a juris doctorate candidate, expected 2020, and is in her second semester as a legal researcher with the center. She is researching injunctive relief for trademark infringement in current and emerging markets worldwide. Her goal is to gather information on the unique procedures of international legal systems to help brand owners develop anti-counterfeiting strategies across the globe. Robert Huguley is a senior majoring in criminal justice and in his second semester with the Center. He is researching counterfeit electronic components, analyzing where the product is introduced at each level of the supply chain. His goal is to impact manufacturing of products and its procedures, providing strategies for consumers to have a direct source for genuine products. Additionally, he works with the center’s MSU partner, Licensing, on game day enforcement of counterfeit merchandise on the MSU campus. Shankho Bhatterjee is a senior majoring in marketing and now in his third semester interning with the center. Shankho is currently working on the Michigan Export Growth Program to help small and mid-sized businesses with research reports to help them scale themselves globally. I’m also working on a paper analyzing the effectiveness of Non-Disclosure Agreements for early-stage startups and mid-sized businesses. He also compiled a collection of anti-counterfeiting associations and organizations throughout the world. 19