Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2017 Summit Agenda - Page 9

BRAND PROTECTION STRATEGY SUMMIT AGENDA DETAIL OCT 3 T U E S D AY 2:30p - 3:15p Return on Investment Panel Resource Allocation and the Cost of Quality Room 203/204 Karen Sedatole, Professor of Accounting, Goizueta Business School, Emory University Will Demeré, Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Missouri Dean Brocious, Associate Vice President, Global Compliance Services Jason Kosofsky, Senior Global Protection Investigator, Ford Motor Company 3:15p - 3:30p Break and Exhibits Room 201/202 3:30p - 4:15p Return on Investment Strategy Sessions 1. Metrics Governor’s Room 2. Industry Benchmarks Room 201 3. Data Systems Room 202 4. Communications Board Room 1 5. Law Enforcment Statistics Board Room 2 4:15p - 5:00p A-CAPP Center Research Lab Room 205 Anatomy of a Research Project: The Product Counterfeiting Database Analyzing Internet Sales of Cigarettes Advertisements for Counterfeit Products on Social Media State Level Enforcement of Counterfeiting Laws Finding Illicit Goods Online Using Big Data Distribution and Marketing Structures Involved in the Sale of Fake Native American Jewelry Product DNA for Anti-Counterfeiting Building Effective Brand Protection Programs to Address Product Counterfeit Risk 6