Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2017 Summit Agenda - Page 5

BRAND PROTECTION STRATEGY SUMMIT This Summit provides us further opportunity to share our ongoing work and insight exclusively with our brand owner partners. As you will see, MSU’s cutting-edge research and field-based lessons from industry and law enforcement provide the foundation for the agenda. We aim to facilitate a dialogue of opportunities for industry and law enforcement to work with academia to further data-driven, research-based anti-counterfeit and brand protection strategy. Please take this opportunity to further connect with us, as well as to network with your colleagues, peers, and experts throughout the summit events. We hope you find value in this opportunity to engage in discussions about current and emerging challenges and strategies in brand protection. L eah Evert-Burks BPP Managing Editor & Industry Fellow Mike DeStefano Industry Fellow Fall 2017 A-CAPP Center student interns Ron Davis Industry Fellow Bruce Foucart Law Enforcement Fellow Michael Ellis Law Enforcement Fellow Michael LeMieux Law Enforcement Fellow 2