Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2017 Summit Agenda - Page 32

Hosted by Michigan State University’s A-CAPP Center through partnerships from Participant registration gifts provided by The Michigan State University Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) is the first and only academic body focusing on the complex global issues of anti-counterfeiting and protection of all products and brands, across all industries, and in all markets. Linking industry, government, academic, and other stakeholders through interdisciplinary and translational research, education, and outreach, the A-CAPP Center serves as an international hub for the development and dissemination of evidence-based anti-counterfeit and brand protection strategy. For more information and opportunities to partner, contact Dr. Jeremy Wilson, Director of the A-CAPP Center, at (517)432-2204 or Additional information about the Center and all of its products, resources, and training and education opportunities can be found at