Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2017 Summit Agenda - Page 15

BRAND PROTECTION STRATEGY SUMMIT RESEARCH LAB DESCRIPTIONS RESEARCH LABS (CONT.) Distribution and Marketing Structures Involved in the Sale of Fake Native American Jewelry The structure of activities related to the distribution, wholesale and retail sale of jewelry marketed as “Native American origin” through e-commerce sites is explored in this study. This study is a practical application of the Social Structure-Social Learning criminological theory. This project is being developed in partnership with the MSU Native American Institute. Product DNA for Anti-Counterfeiting This research project aims to develop novel next-generation field deployable non-clonable anti-counterfeiting technologies (ACTs) that will combine novel nanomaterials and DNA tags with data-carrying devices (e.g. RFID and smart phones) to authenticate genuine products and ensure public safety. Specifically, the project will design and develop product DNA barcodes (PDB) for product authentication, product serialization, brand protection, track-and-trace, intelligent supply chain, and law enforcement. Building Effective Brand Protection Programs to Address Product Counterfeit Risk MSU and UL are collaborating on why firms should and how they can organize for brand protection. This research examines the risk to brand protection where threat, vulnerability, and consequences meet. It explores assessment and mitigation, and how they combine in a learning organization. The final work will have both practitioner insights and academic lessons. 12