Brand Protection Strategy Summit 2017 Summit Agenda - Page 13

BRAND PROTECTION STRATEGY SUMMIT SESSION DESCRIPTIONS RETURN ON INVESTMENT (CONT.) PANEL Resource Allocation and the Cost of Quality Learn about the cost of quality framework and A-CAPP Center research on how brand owners allocate resources relative to it. Panelists will discuss the applicability of the framework and what the findings suggest about current and future investment in brand protection. E-COMMERCE What Challenges and Opportunities Does E-commerce Pose? E-commerce represents a profound shift in how firms interact with customers, from face-to-face interactions to new and unexpected ones. Attendees will hear from academic and industry partners and explore the mechanisms by which they can find and take down counterfeit goods online, pursue enforcement actions, and engage with customers to protect the integrity of their brands. Attendees may be interested in the Center’s research on e-commerce and counterfeiting, published in its Backgrounder Series: Distinguishing Counterfeit from Authorized Retailers in the Virtual Marketplace. PANEL Legit or Not? Weeding Out Counterfeit Ads and Listings Online Given the increasing complexity of the e-commerce landscape, it remains difficult not only for consumers to identify and avoid counterfeits, but for platforms to consistently remove them. This results in frustration for brand owners whose products are found in these advertisements and listings as well as consumers trying to purchase legitimate products online. This panel will address these challenges from multiple perspectives, including the consumer, brand owner, platform, and law enforcement, with the goal of developing strategies to promote cooperation among stakeholders to enhance the ability to successfully weed out counterfeit advertisements and listings. PANEL Organizational Adaptation and the Changing Nature of E-Commerce Retailers Changes to IPR enforcement procedures undertaken by e-commerce sites, and increased effort on the part of brand owners to monitor and address IPR violations have changed the e-commerce landscape for counterfeiters. This panel will address some of the key factors that are having the greatest influence on the changing e-commerce landscape, including the multifaceted role of consumers (as buyers and quasi-expert evaluators of products), the nature and scope of collaborations between brand owners and e-commerce sites, and the impact of globalization on counterfeiters and their orga nizations. 10