Branching Out - Spring 2016

Plant Health Care Program Renewals
What ’ s next for Bruce ?




Plant Health Care Program Renewals

Have you approved and returned your Plant Health Care renewal ? We ’ d hate to see you miss out on critical applications scheduled for spring . If this task just found it ’ s way to the bottom of your “ to do ” pile , here ’ s the easiest way to follow up
Call the office
Email us office @ harrisonmcphee . com Confirm your program and we ’ ll let you know we got the message !
Snail mail
Send back your signed renewal and you ’ ll be good to go ! Harrison McPhee Inc . 14 Milliston Rd ., Suite 202 Millis , MA 02054
Need more help ?
If you want to discuss your program before anything is scheduled , call our office and one our our plant health care specialists will be in touch as soon as possible .

Thank you , Bruce !

After 45 years of service in the field of Arboriculture , our friend and teammate , Bruce Fernald is retiring . Bruce began his career with Lowden Tree in 1967 and has cared for some of the most historic trees in the area including those at the Old North Church and the Commonwealth Ave Mall . Thanks to Bruce , we can proudly watch hundreds of his trees thrive - bringing enjoyment to all who take time to look up ! Bruce has been a Massachusetts Certified Arborist since 1972 . We thank you , Bruce , for all of your years of commitment , dedication and enthusiasm … and wish you all the best during your new adventures .

What ’ s next for Bruce ?

We know many of you have been working with Bruce for years and aren ’ t ready to see him go just yet . Lucky for us , Bruce will be popping back in now and again to check up on things , provide us with historical perspective , and follow up on any loose ends . If you have a particular question for Bruce or want to meet with him in the transition of your project to our other team members , please let us know .