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All Blockages

All Blockages


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Joy in the winter garden The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your patch of outdoor space to ensure it fills you with joy – even in January . You need either strong structural design that looks stunning at any time of year , or a wonderful array of rainbow shades , punctuated by architectural forms . But how can you achieve this ?
Planting a rainbow Aim to provide something that fits into the chart of the seven visible spectrum colours : red , orange , yellow , green , blue , indigo and violet . Almost certainly , you will already have some green , but there are many different shades . The secret is to have one shade of green set off against another – dark and light is the classic combination . You can play with greens all year round , but January is the month they can really bring the show alive .
Reds for the winter garden Think about stems and bark as well as flowers , foliage and berries , and there is a feast of red opportunity . The fiery stems of Cornus sanguinea ‘ Midwinter Fire ’ or Cornus alba ‘ Sibirica ’ will set the border ablaze , particularly if you prune down your cornus in late winter
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