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Then there is the illusion of blurring the boundaries . Nobody needs to feel confined by fences or walls . Those fences can be partially , if not wholly , hidden . Use climbing plants that are suitable for the aspect and the height that you need . There are clematis for north-facing sites as well as sunnier situations . Climbing roses can be secured to steel planting wires or trellises , or choose something that is self-clinging such as Hydrangea petiolaris or a beautiful ivy with variegated leaves . Did you know that our native ivy , Hedera helix , is hugely beneficial to wildlife , supporting at least 50 different species ?
The value of adornments Sculpture , mirrors , ornamental pieces and trinkets can look wonderful … or not . Placement is key . Smaller items need to be partially hidden so that they seem to be part of the garden landscape , rather than appearing to have dropped out of the sky . Any number of statues can be placed amongst planting so that you barely know it is there . You might glimpse a beady eye when you ’ re admiring the geums or catch a flash of light from a mirror concealed within ivy .
Introduce water , seating and shade Water adds a further dimension and even a tiny bowl can enhance the quality of any garden because it is a world in itself . Ponds can help to improve mental health in addition to lowering blood pressure .
Don ’ t forget to provide somewhere to rest , in which to feel safe and relaxed . Give yourself a protective screen and something to lean against . In an overlooked space where prying eyes seem to be watching you , consider a canopy , sunshade , pergola or tall shrub .
Think of a garden boundary as the room , the hard landscaping as furniture and plants as the beautiful , soft interior furnishings that give the wow factor . Enjoy yours this summer !
By Caroline Knight
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