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All Blockages

All Blockages


Blocked Drains = Toilets Sinks = Baths = Manholes
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There ' s more to gardens than plants

Plants are the linchpin of a garden , the lifeblood of a space , lending movement , atmosphere , colour and soul . They provide calm energy and an essence of spirit , making a garden pulse with life , including the society of tiny creatures that coexist with vegetation and flora .
But there is more to a garden than these essential , addictive growing forces of nature . It hinges around design and layout . It ’ s all about interest . If you can see everything at a glance , then your space could be improved . The eye likes to be led from one thing to another and a sense of intrigue is always a positive thing .
Every garden can provide a desire to explore . A change in levels always helps , so a flat space might benefit from a step up to a patio or a step down to a seating area . It provides somewhere to ‘ go ’ and a reason to move throughout the space . If the garden has potential for a circulation route , provide one . A different entry and exit point will enable you to travel around the garden rather than stepping in and out via the same route .
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