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SOFT SEATING / LOUNGES By Harvey Norman Commercial Division ABOUT US Bowermans has remained a key supplier in office furniture solutions for over 70 years by keeping up with current trends, ensuring we continue to provide our valued clients with fresh, innovative solutions to suit their office needs. Our clients are the heart of our company and we provide a tailored customer service expe- rience that allows us to deliver the perfect furniture solution for every space. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products for every budget and we are skilled planners for both small and large spaces. We manage your project from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that every detail is being accounted for, and we provide you with a fully functional space that is ready to go. OUR TEAM At Bowermans, we are proud to have a team of vibrant, friendly people who are passionate about surpassing our clients’ expectations and providing a positive and tailored experience. Bowermans provide superior products for every type of office space and industry, including commercial, government, education, residential and hospitality. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of products from local and international manufacturers. Our full product range can be viewed online or in our showroom. Furniture for all applications Bespoke Furniture Workstations Desking Seating Storage Training Boardroom Breakout Soft Seating Accessories BOWERMANS IS A TRUSTED PIONEER OF INNOVATIVE FURNITURE SOLUTIONS FOR CONTEMPORARY SPACES 2 By Harvey Norman Commercial Division