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Eona Boardroom Table Eona promotes flexibility & diversity Legs can be positioned at narrow/wide stances for small/large tables Adjustments can be made both during & after installation Table frame to be re-used for different future applications Designed for 100% disassembly ready for recycling Luna Tables Powdercoat black or white finish 700W x 450D x 450H 900W x 450D x 550H Environmentally considered table system Highly flexible & versatile Provides a complete “family” of table product options Allows continuity of design throughout any commercial environment Available as folding or fixed Trapeze Boardroom Table Polished aluminium, or powdercoat black or white finish Use as rectangular or round meeting table, desk or boardroom table Norton Coffee Tables U.R. Boardroom Table Accommodates tops of unlimited length providing endless opportunity for a wide variety of configurations and table widths of up to 1600mm Legs can be positioned at any point along the beam to accommodate various table overhangs Legs can be positioned with two foot widths for narrow/wide tables Can be angled at 0 o , 22.5 o , 45 o Nors Coffee Tables Powdercoat black finish Round 700W x 450D x 450H Square 600W x 600D x 450H WWW.BOWERMANS.COM.AU Sok Table White powder coat top Natural Ash legs 1000W x 1000D x 750H 13