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As we entered the 2010s, we solicited feedback from our customers and the industry in general, and as a result, determined that we needed to do more. As the OEMs in the Medical Device, Aerospace, Automotive, and Defense industries continued to grow, so too did the need for a true, international supplier and distributor of the high precision raw materials and preparation services required to help companies machining metal and plastic components become highly efficient. To meet this growing need, we drafted a strategy that included not only product and service line extensions, but also geographic expansion. Since establishing that plan, we have added new distribution centers in Cleveland, Ohio, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have established sales representation in East Asia. We invested in a Material Validation Center, through which we can provide ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, XRF alloy verification, and laser marking. In an effort to assist our customers with their challenges to maximize their capital and human resources, we began offering consulting and training services for CNC Swiss machining through our SwissAssist program. included creating a world-class culture, building a new, larger, and lean factory, upgrading our equipment and developing an infrastructure to effectively manage all of these initiatives. In 1995, we set out on our Lean journey and looked to cement our Core Purpose and Core Values. We wanted to build on the foundation of excellence that Len had started. With participation from the entire company, we agreed that if we executed on these initiatives, we could be a role model for US manufacturing, and thus, that became our Core Purpose. After a few iterations, the Core Values that guide us every day are Be Trustworthy, Take Initiative, Put the Team First & Demonstrate Excellence. By following these values in everything that we do, we showcase our desire to be not only a role model for other manufacturers, but also a thought leader in our industry. Where We Are Today Today, we not only supply round bar materials but also precision flats and additional raw material shapes and forms. The various material preparation services we offer make it easy for our customers to do business with a single vendor. We also customize inventory management programs. Our primary market segment is the Medical Device industry. We also service the Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive industries as well as a multitude of others. Our materials are utilized in critical applications all over the world, whether it’s keeping an airplane in the air or providing life-saving surgical implants and instruments. We have sold our products to all fifty states in the last year and to over twenty countries around the world. Over the course of our history, we have transformed ourselves from a small centerless grinding company to a full-service precision material and preparation services company. Ultimately, we are here to stand as an industry leader and to help our clients grow and expand. We do that by striving for our core purpose and operating based on our core values. To find out how we could serve you and your business, contact us at 800-343-4111 or email us at info@ You can also visit us online at Our Maturation At the start of 1999, we moved into a new state-of-the- art facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, built specifically to optimize our production processes. Today, we produce five times more than we did when we moved in. That growth has come in many forms. Throughout the 2000s, it was primarily from expansion of the existing products and services: grinding services from thru-feed to infeed to form grinding and producing and distributing precision bar materials of all types of stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, red metals, and plastics. In 2004, we created the PinGage Division and began selling thread and gear measuring wires and cylindrical plug gages. We produce gage pins to 10 millionths of an inch. Part of the reason we were able to achieve such growth was due to our application of Lean manufacturing principles. In 2006, we were awarded the Shingo Prize Northeast Silver Medal for Excellence in Manufacturing, marking the first time a metal-working contract manufacturer in the United States had received this prize. Visit 9