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LEADERSHIP Scaling Leadership WITH BOB ANDERSON WE DEFINE self-leadership or personal mastery as creating outcomes that matter most. If we can create the life we most want—organizations we believe in, great families and relationships, a better world—we think that is self-leadership. Personal Mastery is the capacity to create the life that seems to want to come through us. Self-leadership and personal mastery are prerequisites to leadership. Leadership is something more. Leadership enhances these very same capabilities in others. LEADERSHIP IS SCALING THE CAPACITY AND CAPABILITY OF THE ORGANIZATION TO CREATE OUTCOMES THAT MATTER MOST—TO CREATE ITS DESIRED/ OPTIMAL FUTURE. Leadership scales capacity and capability in others, through teams, and within the organization. Leadership scales the capability of the organization to thrive by constantly and agilely reinventing itself in the midst of volatile, ever-changing conditions. Leadership At Scale Andrew Millstein, the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios, once said to us, “Our leadership was exposed at scale.” He told us that when they attempted to scale their business from one film a year to two, the capacity and capability of their leadership was exposed. Leadership that works at one level of scale is likely to run into serious limitations at the next level of scale. Leadership is exposed at scale. Is your leadership built for scale? Or, are you already beyond the level of scale and complexity for which your leadership is optimized. If so, you are likely feeling in over your head. You may be getting great results, but at ever higher energetic costs—diminishing returns on ever higher expenditures of time and effort. You may have a gnawing sense that working more hours is not the solution. The harder you go, the more you get in your own way. You may even be canceling yourself out. If so, you are facing a significant development gap. If so, you’re in good company. 10 10 The Development Gap In 2008, Bob Johansen, one of the foremost futurists in the world, wrote a book titled Leaders Make the Future where he said, “In my 40 years of forecasting the future, the direst forecasts yet are in this book.” He went on to describe a “VUCA” business environment—constantly escalating volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. We spoke with Bob recently and he said, “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” The level of disruptive change that is coming at us is unprecedented. As leaders, we must learn to navigate permanent white water that is becoming more and more turbulent. This is the world we are in. We have no choice about it. We either rise to meet that challenge or get swamped. Is your leadership built for scale in this environment? For most of us, complexity (the “c” in VUCA) is outpacing our development. Escalating complexity is a given and it is requiring that we adapt and evolve or perish. It continually confronts us with our own development gap. We often ask leaders where they would rank the business reality they face on a scale