Boston Centerless - Precision Matters Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 6

ACCIDENTAL DIMINISHER ARE Science YOU AN Of ACCIDENTAL The Great Conversation DIMINISHER? BY LIZ WISEMAN GREGORY PAL hired Michael, a talented individual with rich foreign trade experience, to help his renewable energy company’s efforts to expand rapidly into Brazil. But in an effort to help Michael, Gregory would often jump in to solve problems. Because Michael was still new, Gregory gave him the easy assignments and piecemeal tasks that were not suited for someone like Michael with highly developed skills. Then, because Michael was the only team member working remotely, Gregory would often end up representing him in meetings. After a few months, Michael was using just 20 to 25 percent of his talent on the job. DIMINISHERS VS. MULTIPLIERS Michael’s case is hardly an isolated one. In fact, it illustrates an all-too-common workplace phenomenon, leadership poorly exercised. Consider these two questions: Have you ever worked for a leader who underutilized your talent or made you question your own intelligence? Or, have you worked for a leader who drew on every ounce of your brainpower and even made you smarter and more capable? We call the first type of leader a Diminisher and the sec