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Jim Canfield 2 Take Your Business To The Next Level
Letter From Steven Tamasi 4
When You Buy BC Medical Grade , 5 You Buy Peace Of Mind
Liz Wiseman 6 Accidental Diminisher
Lean On Me 8
Michael Falcon 10 Customer Loyalty
SwissAssist™ To The Rescue 12 How To Create A Cohesive Company Culture 13
Dr Robert Cialdini 14 Selling Into The Moment
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Welcome to Precision Matters Magazine !

Two thousand eighteen continues to be a “ diamond ” year as we celebrate our 60th year in business . In addition to the lift provided by the robust economy , we are experiencing healthy growth as a result of the new products and services we introduced and organizational developments made over the past few years . With growth , opportunity naturally becomes available for members of our team to advance both personally and professionally . We are investing heavily in training to expand the skills and knowledge of our machine operators and others within the organization .
I am thrilled to bring you the second edition of Precision Matters , which explores the sustainability of Lean Manufacturing and ways to scale a business through building a strong , competitive culture and team . Learn how SwissAssist™ can make your organization more productive without adding resources , by addressing the need for training and technical services for the CNC Swiss screw machining market .
Our success is predicated on the trust we have built with our clients and the support of our supply partners . We are truly appreciative of both and will continue our Lean Quest to grow collaboratively in the years ahead . Please enjoy Precision Matters II !
Steven Tamasi President & CEO