Boston Centerless - Precision Matters Magazine Fall 2018 | Page 12

SKILLED MATERIAL® SWISSASSIST™ SWISSASSIST TO THE RESCUE ™ CNC SWISS machining is the fastest growing segment in today’s machine tool market. However, there are not enough skilled machine operators available to sustain the rapid growth. To combat this problem, Boston Centerless launched SwissAssist in 2015. Profitability depends on robust systems and programs, and SwissAssist has helped many businesses reach the next level by analyzing their current CNC Swiss processes, identifying inefficiencies, and improving their operations. For example, one West Coast medical device contract manufacturer was having problems with cycle times and holding tolerance on a high- volume job. After SwissAssist training, the production rate was increased by 37 percent, and the tool change time was reduced by 20 percent. The job estimates became more accurate and more profitable, which not only benefits our customers but their clients as well. Even with the highest-quality machines, proper training is still an essential aspect of productivity. Our SwissAssist program provides detailed training classes, from the basic to the most challenging principles, in the medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, and industrial industries. Through SwissAssist, we offer guidance in machine setup and controls; LNS bar feed setting; proper installation of collets and guide bushings; program loading and unloading; program first run, adjustments, and offsets; tool selection/touch-off; and more. Over the past two years, SwissAssist has evolved and developed into a variety of robust training classes, from entry level sessions to the latest advanced topics in the industry today. Training modules include the following: • Entry Level Operator • Intermediate – Level B Operator • Intermediate – Level A Operator • Advanced Operator and Setup • Advanced Programming • Technical Services Consulting • CNC Swiss Machine Training – G and M Codes • PartMaker ® Software • Customized Training Sessions SwissAssist offers training on many of the most popular machines, such as Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Hanwha, Nomura, and Yama Seiki. All training is done on-site at the customer’s facility, helping them to learn in their own familiar environment. On-site training allows the classes to be customized to the specific machines, processes, or 12 projects that the operators are directly working on and permits troubleshooting of “real” on-the-job problems. On-site training is also less expensive than sending a group to another location and having them away from the office for a week or more. Some companies can offset training costs through state-funded training grants. As a market leader, Boston Centerless wants to supply our customers not only with high quality materials and testing services, but also with knowledge that can translate into growth for their own business. We want the industry to grow, and SwissAssist is one way to make that a reality by training new machinists to fill market gaps. Doug Perilli Doug Perilli is the Director of Marketing at Boston Centerless. Doug has over 30 years of experience in marketing, communications, and creative direction. Prior to working at Boston Centerless, Doug held senior level positions at Spectrum Marketing Solutions, McCue Corporation, and ASB Meditest. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Graphic Design from Fitchburg State College.