Boston Centerless - Precision Matters Magazine Fall 2018 | Page 10

CUSTOMER LOYALT Y THREE CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS YOUR EMPLOYEES NEED TO CREATE CUSTOMER LOYALTY BY MICHEL FALCON YOU CAN use customer experience and employee engagement strategies to grow your business and create customer loyalty. This article is focused solely on your customer service employees – whether you’re in hospitality, a call center, retail, real estate, trades or whatever – your customer service employees are the face of your company. With this understanding, we must invest in their education to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to deliver an experience our customers have never had before. Let’s consider these statistics: • 40 percent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. • In 2016, six percent of workers said training and development is the most important workplace policy. This gives us even more evidence that we must recruit and train our employees with premium education. The first skill your customer service employees must have is what I call service endurance. 1. SERVICE ENDURANCE With service endurance employees can deliver the same amazing customer service to the 100th customer of the day as they did to the first. We should all have empathy for what our frontline team members go through. Speaking to customers all day can be exhausting, 10 regardless of how great your team member might be; we should find ways to help them break through even when it’s been a long day. When I was a call center agent in my early 20s I would take 100 calls a day and even though I was good, there were times when I didn’t want to take another call. I would combat exhaustion by: • Having a stress ball at my desk that I would squeeze during tough times because it helps to release a bit of stress. • I would post a motivational quote to