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Photo: Chris Clarke (left) and Martin Geaney (right) of Impact Ireland Ltd along with David Smith (center) “manning the stand” at the Medical Technology Ireland 2019 exhibition in Galway. Making An “Impact” In Ireland THE MEDICAL Device industry has become the quintessential global industry. Over the past twenty-five years, every major Med Device OEM has expanded their operations beyond their respective domestic shores in order to meet the ever-growing demand for surgical procedures from people all over the world. Correspondingly, the companies that focus on supporting the global Med Device industry have had to grow to keep up with the global expansion of their key customers—or be left to fight over the remaining shrinking market share. Boston Centerless recognized that having a global reach was critical to being considered a serious and committed supplier to the global Medical Device industry. In 2015, we conducted a global search for a partner in China and East Asia to help us create a supply presence in the Pacific Rim region. As we turned our attention to the European market, our research showed us that the Republic of Ireland represented the perfect opportunity to reach the European Union countries and support our customers’ operations in that region of the globe. Not only has the Med Device industry embraced Ireland as an excellent place to establish manufacturing operations, but because the Republic of Ireland is part of the EU, Ireland represents an ideal stepping-off point for servicing the needs of Boston Centerless customers on the European continent as well. In response to these findings, Boston Centerless embarked on a search to find a sales agency/distribution partner in the Republic of Ireland. It did not take long to recognize that one company—dedicated to specialty and engineered metals distribution in Ireland— rose above the rest as the ideal partner to help Boston Centerless sell, distribute, and create a market presence on the Emerald Isle. In August of 2019, Boston Centerless named Impact Ireland Ltd as our exclusive distributor in the Republic of Ireland and all the countries that comprise the United Kingdom for the Medical Device, Aerospace, and Formula 1 Racing industries. We have been working together now for just over two months and recently co-exhibited at the Medical Technology Ireland Exhibition in Galway in late September. Opportunities abound in just the first few weeks of our collaboration. As in life, success is all about choosing the right partner, and with our newest partner, Impact Ireland Ltd, we are off to a great start. David L. Smith David Smith is the Vice President Business Development at Boston Centerless. David has over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing and general management in the specialty metals industry. Prior to working at Boston Centerless, David had a 30 year career with the Carpenter Technology Corporation. He held senior level positions in sales, marketing and operations management at Carpenter and with the Carpenter titanium subsidiary, Dynamet Incorporated. David holds a BA degree from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana. 3