Bossy! Magazine August 2016 Issue 14 | Page 3

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Page 4 - What She Said, A Letter from the Editor -Shevvy Malibu

Page 6- 7 Ways To Save Your Marriage -Cucan Pemo

Page 10- Boss of the Month King Sunni - Shevvy Malibu

Page 14-#BOSSYMONEY- Banking Black - Zenobia Jeffries

Page 18- Planned Sex? - Paige Diamond

Page 20 - Healthy Kitchen Makeover -Jenn Holdman

Page 24 - Bossy Body Fitness - Nicole Defreece

Page 26 - Nutrition 4 Life- Nicole Defreece

Page 30 - All Talk, No Action - James De Rojo

Page 38 Truth Be Told- Sharnika Williams, Survivor -Shevvy Malibu

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