Bosch Holdings Enginuity June 2013

Enginuity JUNE 2013 Brugspruit reactor refurbishment. CIDB Gradings - A significant milestone for Bosch Munitech The Directors and Management of Bosch Munitech are extremely proud to announce the achievement of the following CIDB gradings: • • • • 8 CE (Civil Engineering) 8 ME (Mechanical Engineering) 8 EP (Electrical Engineering – Infrastructure) 8 EB (Electrical Engineering – Building) These gradings reflect significant growth in the company’s financial and technical capacity, since the 7CE, 7ME, 7EB gradings achieved in 2011, and allows the company to undertake civil, mechanical and electrical contracting projects up to a value of R 130 million. The high gradings and their multi-disciplinary nature are unique within the municipal engineering services sector and demonstrate Bosch Munitech’s capacity to undertake large multi-disciplinary engineering contracting projects. The gradings also underscore the company’s capacity to develop and implement integrated solutions for clients. We express our immense gratitude to our clients for the trust shown in Bosch Munitech, which has ultimately resulted in this significant company milestone. [email protected]