Bosch Holdings Enginuity July 2009

J U L Y 2 0 0 9 ENGINUITY T H E O F F I C I A L N E W S L E T T E R O F T H E B & A G R O U P INCORPORATING: BOSCH PROJECTS (PTY) LTD | STEMELE BOSCH AFRICA (PTY) LTD | MUNITECH (PTY) LTD A milestone for Bosch Projects Bosch Projects made front page news in Brazil’s media with the recent commissioning of the country’s first Bosch Projects Chainless Diffuser that can process up to 12 000 tons of sugar cane per day. 12m wide Chainless Diffuser in Brazil. The 12m wide Bosch Projects’ Chainless Diffuser, with a capital value of almost R100 million, was installed at the Noroeste Paulista plant in Sebastianopolis do Sul in the state of São Paulo. “This prestigious project is an important milestone for Bosch Projects, which opened an international subsidiary company in Brazil’s São Paulo state just over a year ago. Bosch Projects do Brasil Ltda (BPB) and Dedini Industrias de Base, the largest supplier of equipment to the Brazilian sugar and ethanol industry, have established a solid relationship that is making a significant impact on Brazil’s thriving sugar industry. Bosch Projects and Dedini have concluded a long-term licensing agreement, in terms of which Dedini has the rights to all Bosch Projects’ technology in South America,” said Ivan Voigt. Three of these units are 15m in width which is larger than any other sugar cane diffuser in the world. These will be commissioned at different plants from July 2009 onwards, with a further three Chainless Diffusers scheduled to start operations in Brazil in 2010. Bosch Projects’ Chainless Diffusers, which are able to process up to 17 000 tons of sugar cane per day, have a lower capital cost than conventional diffusers. They can be constructed in substantially shorter periods and can be easily expanded in capacity to meet cane supply expansions by simply installing additional modules. The Bosch Projects’ licensing agreement with Dedini also includes technology for whole stick shredders, rotary juice screens, long tube evaporators, continuous vacuum pans, direct contact juice heaters, vertical crystallisers and massecuite reheaters. According to Dedini’s Vice President of Technology and Development, José Luiz Oliverio, the commissioning of this diffuser is an historic event for Brazil’s sugar and energy sectors. The investment in South African technology brings the world’s finest equipment to the Brazilian sugar sector. Bosch Projects has signed a similar agreement with Honiron Corporation for the USA market and is currently negotiating a licence agreement with an Indian equipment manufacturer for India’s domestic market. Dedini is currently manufacturing a further five Chainless Diffusers. Email Ivan Voigt: [email protected]