BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 - Page 7

New dedicated Mental Health Pharmacy Service Brock Dale, who is a specialist Mental Health pharmacist, began leading this service last month. • Medication Optimisation for Mental Health patients. • Dedicated Mental Health Pharmacist specialist medicines information. • Patient medication education and support. • Medication reconciliation and discharge planning/support. • Attendance and input into MDT. • Attached to the role is a support team of rotational pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. This new service will initially focus on Inpatient wards at Tauranga and Whakatāne and MHSOP. Resource for consultant psychiatrists, junior doctors, nursing, allied health, community crisis team, and consult liaison. • Up-to-date support with mental health guidelines development. • And lots more as the service evolves. Whilst this is new for BOPDHB, many other DHBs around the country have had the opportunity and benefits of a pharmacy service above the traditional supply role (currently provided) which include: We look forward to working with the team with this exciting opportunity and value feedback and input from all about how best we can utilise this resource. Brock’s background includes spending the last three years specialising in Mental Health which included post graduate study in this specialty. He is continuing further studies through Otago University, amongst many other roles. Brock is passionate about improving health outcomes for patients with Mental Health conditions, mentoring and education of other health professionals. He has pioneered extending pharmacist’s roles in Mental Health; some of which includes National award winning work. New clinic brings better support for people taking multiple meds Older people taking multiple medications for multiple health conditions can talk to a pharmacist and if needed be assessed by a Geriatrician at a new Outpatient Clinic at Tauranga Hospital. For many older people, polypharmacy (taking multiple medications for multiple conditions) is common. In New Zealand 35% of people aged 65+ are prescribed five or more medications, and 8% of those aged 85+ are taking 11 or more medications at one time. “Taking multiple medications may be beneficial for quality of life and staying well, as long as it is carefully managed. Research shows 58% of people on five or more medications will suffer an adverse side effect. There’s also a higher risk of falls and other age related conditions that can lead to hospitalisation. “Our new Outpatient Clinic allows people to bring along family or friends and spend up to an hour with a pharmacist discussing all their medications, prescribed and non-prescribed, their benefits, potential side effects and possible changes. At the same time, they can be seen by a Geriatrician who may add to the recommendations, arrange appropriate investigations or further review,” says BOPDHB Geriatrician Dr Vicky Henstridge. The Bay of Plenty has a high and growing population of older adults. In the Western Bay people can access specialist pharmacist advice and support about their medications through Medwise. “The Outpatient clinic’s designed to complement those existing services. People do have their medications reviewed by their GP, often in collaboration with the excellent Medwise service. However, as our population ages, the need for reviews is increasing, and so too is the need for input from a Geriatrician.” Geriatrician Dr Vicky Henstridge (left) and Pharmacist Adele Harrex at the new Outpatient Clinic providing better support for people taking multiple medications for multiple health conditions. Although the clinic is in early phase and processes are still being fine-tuned, Vicky says ultimately the clinic’s been set up to support older people to stay well and improve their quality of life. She says the BOPDHB will be monitoring the clinic’s progress and depending on its success, we may look at developing a similar clinic at the Outpatients Department at Whakatāne Hospital. For further information including referral criteria please contact [email protected] 7