BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 - Page 6

Focus on team In this section we get to know teams across our organisation. If you would like your team featured here, contact [email protected] How have these roles helped you with your new TrendCare roles? Kim From my previous roles, I’ve developed working relationships across all clinical departments. Managing the Nursing Bureau involved working with all the teams to help meet their ability to manage staff workloads to match patients acuity requirements. I also trained as a Midwife so I’m excited to help Maternity services engage with TrendCare. Aroha Like Kim, I’ve forged working relationships with many of the nursing staff using TrendCare and having worked in many different clinical areas. This gives me a good foundation to support staff with TrendCare and its future functional development. Still working as a Registered Nurse in the Bureau, means I’m in a good position to know how we can best support and teach staff who use TrendCare every day. Aroha (left) and Kim (right) talking TrendCare with Whakatāne Hospital Medical Ward Nurse Manager Viv Robertson. The TrendCare Team Meet our dynamic duo otherwise known as the TrendCare team. Quite possibly one of the newest teams in our DHB. The team came on board in February, as one outcome of the Nursing and Midwifery MECA settlement. Part of the settlement was additional money provided to DHBs to fund dedicated TrendCare co-ordinators. Under the umbrella of Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM), TrendCare is a fundamental and validated acuity tool that measures patient demand. Using the tools to monitor and match capacity to care with patient demand aims to ensure safety of nurses, midwives and their patients. Checkup spoke to Kim and Aroha about their new roles. You both had previous roles within the DHB, tell us about those roles. Kim I started working at the DHB in 2011. My first position was as the Nursing & Midwifery Recruiter. In 2014 I took up the Associate Clinical Nurse Manager - Nursing Bureau and Transit Lounge position in Tauranga, managing the Nursing Resource team, and pool of casual nursing and health care assistants. Aroha I did my New Graduate year at Whakatāne Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2010 and then spent five years in APU in Tauranga. Since then I’ve been working in the Bureau. This TrendCare role is a part time position for me, I’m still in the Bureau working across the hospital, so I’m familiar with many faces out there. 6 For those who use TrendCare, tell us what they can expect from your new team. Kim We want to fully realise all the benefits of the TrendCare system in meeting the CCDM standards and working towards best match of staff available to patient care required. We’ll be supporting all TrendCare users to achieve this. Aroha We’ll also be supporting staff to use new aspects of TrendCare being developed such as Risk Assessments, Care Plans and Care Pathways. You can expect that we will be available to help with any questions, troubleshooting and visit your wards to help staff and managers understand and use TrendCare in the best way to support your teams and our patients. What’s the best way people can reach you for assistance? Call Kim on 5378 or email [email protected] Call Aroha on 5379 or email [email protected] Or drop in to see us. We are at the end of the 3rd Floor Women and Children’s Admin Corridor, Tauranga Hospital. Or stop and ask us anything TrendCare related when we are out and about on the wards in both hospitals.