BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 | Page 5

Reducing email pressure Under the leadership of Executive Lead: BOP Health System Evolution Pete Chandler, is a project to change the way we use emails in the organisation. Currently emails are viewed as a communications panacea with no regard to the numbers being sent, the timeliness or the quality of content. This has resulted in many staff frustrated by the volume of emails they receive, and many formal complaints made to HR. To start thinking within the organisation, the Exec Team is trialling a simple option - that action codes are included in the email subject line. Pete syas that staff are encouraged to put an email subject line when sending emails to colleagues. Proposed codes for subject lines and definitions URGENT The email will be answered within eight (8) working hours. Any emails sent after noon will not be replied to, until after noon the following day. ACTION The receiver is required to complete the action/s within the deadline specified in the email. People are happy to wait for a reply, but need assurance that the date and time will be adhered to. APPROVAL Approval/sign-off for the proposal/draft content in the email and again include a date and time the approval is required by. FYI For your information. No response required. RESPONSE When responding to a request titled, urgent, action, approval. Examples Subject line: URGENT comment required Evolution Exec conversations by 5pm 27 March Subject line: RESPONSE comments on Evolution Exec conversations Subject line: APPROVAL Draft budget MH&AS for sign-off Subject line: RESPONSE Draft budget MH&AS approved or Subject line: RESPONSE. Draft budget MH&AS comments in email Subject line: FYI interesting article in NZ Doctor No response required for FYI email TIPS • It is a given that any matters requiring immediate action will be a phone call or txt message. • The subject line will need to be changed for each email in the chain. • Thank you emails are no longer required. • Cc’ing people into emails is discouraged. • No reply is a given for an FYI email. • Adhering to the date and time specified in emails is essential to the success of the process. • Emails will reflect the CARE values. 5