BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 | Page 23

Nurses roles in Emergency and Trauma By Alison Mclean, Nurse Practitioner – ED, Tauranga Hospital In October I attended the 3rd Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care in Noordwijkerhout, in The Netherlands. The conference was attended by a large number of Emergency Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, and nurses who undertake advanced nursing care roles. There was a range of speakers and a diverse range of topics. The main speakers included Professor Margaret Fry, who is an authorised Nurse Practitioner in New South Wales Australia. Another speaker was Margie Peden, who has degrees in nursing and epidemiology, and a PHD in Injury Epidemiology. She is currently working in South Africa. She gave a presentation on how and why nurses should be involved in addressing the global injury epidemic. Doctor Teri Reynolds, Emergency, Trauma and Acute Care Lead, World Health Organization, based in Switzerland spoke about WHO resources for emergency and trauma care. The conference’s, aim was to share the latest research, knowledge, ideas, innovations, and current developments within nursing and healthcare, in both the developed and developing world. There is an ever increasing demand for emergency care globally. Nurses around the world face significant challenges in delivering timely emergency care. There was an opportunity to discuss models of care used globally, and to compare these. There was also an opportunity to view some research articles related to ED as well as posters presentations. There was a presentation on Suicide Prevention. The Netherlands has created a group called SUNA, who take referrals from the ED to decrease the number of suicides and repeated suicide attempts. SUNA undertakes assertive case management to prevent suicide. The core principle for mental health clients presenting to EDs with either a physical or Mental Health problem should have access to staff who understand and can address their condition and provide access to appropriate Specialist services. Conference key topics Emergency care in different environments Specialties in Emergency management Pre Hospital care Advanced practice Research and Education Patient safety and non-technical skills 23