BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 | Page 15

Looking for a good read? By Carol Charters, Librarian, Whakatāne Hospital Library. This month the Whakatāne Hospital Library in the Clinical School, opened a new small recreational reading collection. Having a number of works of fiction available for loan seems to be a developing trend in medical libraries, and I can easily see why. Reading helps you unwind, spurs imagination and can also encourage a deeper understanding of the human condition. Apparently, reading is still the most popular of all recreational activities. Just borrow a book if it takes your fancy. It does not need to go through the formal process of loans but please return it to the library when you have finished. Happy reading! Both hopsital libraries also have a vibrant self-help collection. The subjects are broad. Mindfulness and Michael Mosley are popular right now. Other books cover problems in living throughout the age span as well as a good selection of titles about anxiety, depression and personality issues. Bring books back A current and important issue for library staff is the number of books that are going missing from our shelves. We cannot stress enough how important it is to borrow and return books either via library staff or using the self-issue option at the library counter. A substantial amount of time is spent searching for books which people have removed from the library without going through the self issue (check out) process. There is a cost attached to replacement as well as obvious disappointment for other library users, especially if a book was recommended reading for study. Just recently, an item from one of our regular book displays in Tauranga has gone missing. These books are loaned to us from one of our major suppliers and is an example of the recognition and trust we receive from them. It would be sad to lose this valued service. Missing book Lippincott manual of nursing practice [edited by] Sandra M. Nettina. 11th ed. 2019. If you have it or know where it could be, please return it. Thank you and best wishes from the library team. You are the Patient Experience; we are all the Patient Experience By Averil Boon, Acting Manager, Quality and Patient Safety. Last week, Patient Experience Week was marked across the globe. It is a celebration of the people who impact on the patient experience every day – that’s all of you! Although it happens at the end of April each year, improving our patients experience is an ongoing continuous phenomenon. Growing evidence tells us that patient experience is a good indicator of the quality of health services. Better experience, stronger partnerships with consumers, and patient and family- centred care have all been linked to improved health, clinical, financial, service and satisfaction outcomes. BOPDHB’s fortnightly Adult Patient Experience Survey, provides us with information about what patients think about the health services we provide. You can view these surveys online on OnePlace. Use the drop down filters to find specific information about a particular health service provided at both hospitals. Don’t forget to read the patient stories in the comment section of the surveys. For perspective on what ‘We are all the patient experience’ means through the eyes of a patient, you can watch a video created by the Beryl Institute, this is a global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. View this online here For more information contact me on 07-579 8968 or [email protected].