BOPDHB Checkup April 2019 | Page 11

As said, the final track is no joke, but is the race end. A race highlight was being cheered on near the end as we emerged from forest, by a sudden shutdown when the cheering crew realised, we were not their team! We were now the second placed team. We beat the third placed team by about 20 minutes, and whilst we had run in, it was more than relaxing to watch them walk in. Personally, I have just about recovered a few days out. This beats last year, when the bees nearly finished me off (literally). We completed the event in 17hr 45 min. We were in bed by 01h30, slept well, and after a hearty breakfast around 08h30, we could hear the announcements as the ‘bulge’ of teams were finishing. My thanks to our team. It always has disturbed me that a course that starts and finishes at sea level has more uphill. And it was a fundraiser, not a race. We were never going to win. We were aware of a team that was set up to beat us. However, we came second, but by only one hour. In my heart, we beat all the teams we intended to, and won our race. 11