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A Prayer For America Mullet and Rainwater excited to share book Patricia Kent | Contributed COSHOCTON - Last year at this time, I wrote that I suff ered from a little-known condition called RC, Resolution Challenged. I detailed my dislike of making New Year resolutions, and admitted that being pushed to do so by family, friends, or just plain friendly folks in grocery store line makes me itch. Th at was last year. Th is year I'd like to say that the King of my life, Jesus, has changed me in many ways, and because I'm just as faulty as most, and more faulty than many, He'll keep changing me. Meantime, while it's true that I don't make resolu- tions, I do pray, and one of the things at the top of my prayer list right now is our country. Alarming changes have taken place in the fabric of America, changes that are tearing apart our nation. I fear for my own generation and for those who have and will come after us. Following are just three of my prayers for America. Please understand that none of them apply to any one group of people, nor to everyone in politics. I pray that parents will invest more time with their young children and stick with it until the children are grown. Smart phones may have been designed to grow out of our palms, but if parents spend more time with their phones than with their children, they need to have the phones surgically removed. Our children need our love and parenting in order to grow into adults capable of nurturing their own children. Nothing online or in the daily posts of your friends is more important. I pray that when life gets rough, as it does for all of us, Americans of every age will stop over-medicat- ing themselves. Th e opioid epidemic is killing our country one by one. Remember, drugs are meant to heal, not steal, our bodies and minds. I pray that the people we vote into public offi ces at any level will work for the good of our country. Some seem to have private agendas that will benefi t them- selves in the short run, but tear down the nation that our fathers, grandparents, and parents fought to preserve. I also pray that leaders will practice dignity when disagreeing with each other, rather than publically engaging in rude, crude or childish behavior. Th e world is watching. And most of all, I pray that America will again become one nation under God because one day, the King is coming. By Josie Sellers COSHOCTON – Robin Mullet and Holli Rainwater are shar- ing their poetry and interest in Qigong with others in a new book called “Th e Curve of Her Arm.” Th e book features Mullet’s free verse poetry and Rain- water’s Haikus. “We had both been writing independently of each oth- er,” Rainwater said. “My Haikus were inspired by a Qigong retreat I went to several years ago and then I added to them over the years.” Mullet’s poetry was inspired by classes she took led by Rainwater. Th e Chi classes off ered by the Coshocton Public Li- brary and taught by Rainwater are based on Qigong and its off shoot Tai Chi. Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that combines gentle body movement, breath practice, and deep relaxation. “It’s slow, meditative and nature inspired,” Rainwater said. “Haiku is like that as well, but it’s Japanese.” Each poem in the book begins with a particular Qigong movement then goes beyond to the emotions, memories, and insights brought to the forefront by practicing this ancient form. “It’s not a teaching book, but it will have a little intro though to what Qigong is and what inspired us,” Mullet said. Rainwater added that you do not have to know how to do Qigong to enjoy the book. “Th e poems relate to what you go through in life,” she said. “Th e Curve of Her Arm” is considered a chat book, which Mullet said typically feature as little as 10 poems or up to 40. “Books will have 50-60 poems in them,” she said. “Chat books also are never hardbound and are usually softbound.” “Th e Curve of Her Arm” has 35 poems and Haikus and is 40 pages long. It is being published by Night Ballet Press. “I think one of the things they liked was that we were collaborating,” Rainwater said. “It’s a unique subject matter Contributed | Beacon and several of the Haikus Robin Mullet and Holli Rain- and free verse poems water have collaborated to were inspired by the same create a new book called movements. Th ey really “The Curve of Her Arm.” ended up matching up.” Th e co-authors are launching their book with An Eve- ning of Poetry and Qigong at 6:30 p.m. Th ursday, Jan. 31, at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, 300 N. Whitewom- an St. Th is is a free event and that evening they will share readings and movements from the book. “I think that makes us a little unique as far as when we do readings because it also will be visual,” Mullet said. “Th e Curve of Her Arm” will be available that night for $12. It also can be purchased off of Night Ballet Press’ website “I think every poet or writer dreams of being published,” Mullet said. “We are enjoying this and hoping to do read- ings around the state.” Stay safe this cold and fl u season by keeping your hands clean Five simple steps to clean hands 1. Wet your hands with warm running water. 2. Add soap, then rub your hands together, making a soapy lather. Wash the front and back of your hands as well as between your fi ngers and under your nails. 3. Rinse your hands well under warm running water. 4. Dry hands thoroughly with a clean towel. 5. Turn off the water with a clean paper towel and dis- pose in a proper receptacle. How long is long enough? Th e CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 15 seconds, though studies show that the reduction of skin bacteria is nearly 10 times greater by washing with soap for 30 seconds. Don’t touch your t-zone Your t-zone is the mucus membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth. Th is zone is how the majority of diseases enter our bodies. For respiratory and gastro-intestinal diseases it is the only portal of entry. If you avoid touching your t-zone with contaminated fi ngers you can avoid these illnesses. Editor’s note: Information was contributed from the Co- shocton Senior Center’s January newsletter. Boyer Insurance Taking Care of You and Your Family... 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