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Church off ers ministry for grandparents raising grandchildren By Beth Scott WEST LAFAYETTE – Th e West Lafayette United Methodist Church is off ering a ministry for grandparents in the com- munity who are raising their grandchil- dren. Th e group, Grandparent Connec- tion Table, was started by two church members who are educators and saw a need in the community for a ministry geared toward grandparents who are actively raising their grandchildren on a daily basis. Th e fi rst event was held last Novem- ber. Although only one family came, Pastor Matthew Anderson said that there have been more families who are interested in attending. “Th is group is just to create a space where people can connect,” he said. “It’s a ministry, but we want grandpar- ents who are raising their grandkids to come and get support. It’s a place where they can connect with each other.” Th e next meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 30 from 6 – 7 p.m. Th e group begins with eating dinner together and then meets in the parlor to talk. Child care is available and the church has events that the kids can do for that hour. “Th e group only meets for an hour because we’re trying to think about families who may have small children, so we don’t want to meet too late,” said Anderson. “Sometimes we have crafts and other events for the kids to do. It’s a way they can have some kid time. Th ey can go into another room and have play time or do homework.” Anderson said they would entertain bringing in a guest speaker if people would like more information about a specifi c topic. “We saw a rise in grandparents who are raising their grandkids and we wanted to create this program as a way they could connect and get more infor- mation,” said Anderson. RSVPs are highly recommended and can be made by calling the church at 740-545-6368. Th ey welcome any older people who are foster parents as well. “We welcome folks from Coshocton and Newcomerstown, and other areas as well,” said Anderson. “It’s not just for people in West Lafayette.” Grandparent Connection Table meets the last Wednesday of every month at the church, which is located at 120 West Union Ave., West Lafayette. Department of Aging off ers winter weather advice COLUMBUS – Winter has arrived in Coshocton County. Th e Department of Aging’s “Safe at Home” web page ( safeathome) includes resources for older Ohioans to be prepared for emergencies. Advice includes: Create an emergency kit that contains a battery-operated radio, a fl ashlight, extra batteries, drinking water, food that can be prepared without electricity, extra blankets and a fi rst aid kit. Check your medication supplies to ensure you have enough to last through the storm. Keep list of the medications you so you can share with fi rst responders in an emergency. Check medical equipment and assistive devices (such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, lifts and oxygen tanks), ensuring they are in good shape and are easy to locate in an emer- gency. Have non-powered options for equip- ment that won’t work during a power outage. Know where main valves and switches are for utilities such as gas, water and electricity and make sure you can access and operate them. Designate a safe place to go, such as a friend or neighbor’s house, warming center or community shelter. Have a plan for getting there if it is unsafe to stay at home. Ask a reliable family member, friend or neighbor to visit or call regularly to make sure you are OK. Have a plan for what they Miller Funeral Home is the ONLY funeral home in Coshocton County now with our own crematory. should do if they can’t reach you. Your area agency on aging can help identify emergency resources and services in your community. Visit the Ohio Department of Ag- ing’s website ( for con- tacts or call 1-866-243-5678 to be connected to the agency serving your community. Th e Department of Aging encourages all Ohioans to check in on older loved ones, friends and neighbors before, during and after the storm to ensure that they have the resources they need to remain safe and healthy. Here are some things to ask about when you visit. Do they need medical attention? Have they fallen? Are they staying warm enough? Are they taking their medications as prescribed? Do they have safe food and water? Are they eating and drinking regularly? Is the temperature in their home comfort- able? Do they have safe means to heat the home if temperatures continue to fall? Whom will they call if they need help? Do they have access to a phone that will work without power or landline service? If you or an older loved one become ill or injured during the storm, or if it becomes unsafe to stay in your home for any reason, call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance. Contributed | Beacon Are you Medicare-eligible? Did you recently lose access to your providers? Or did your Provider network recently change? Contact me to see what plan options you may have as a result of this loss/change! Free Consultations! New Location that is Handicap Accessible to Better Serve My Clients! J. Carleen O’Bryon 740-610-0075 1101 Chestnut Street, Coshocton Janice Carleen O’Bryon is not affi liated with the Federal Medicare Program Coshocton City Home Health Agency A Local Agency Serving You for 60 Years! 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