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e r a Squ g n i c Dan Contributed| Beacon Beacon Co ntributed| Kenneth Stahl performing at Bak- ersville around the year 1972. Rhonda (Stahl ) H Contributed| Be dle. Left to righ ogarth at mic with her brot acon he t hidden), Dick C in back: Kenneth Stahl, Carol r Larry on fi d- oc A Bakersville arou hran, and Pete Dixon. Makin dams (partially g them dance at nd 1972. and Larry ms (hidden) ru d n o k e e M ft, D.J. Steve Ball, le 08. 0 2 t u Stahl abo Aging Should Not Mean Health Problems DANCING: fun social event in the 1990s FROM PAGE 6B brought the cakes out and when we saw that start to happen, we were excited to take our place with locked arms and begin walking the perimeter of the fl oor while the baker of the cake walked the opposite way inside our circle until the music stopped. Th e cake I remember that we won was a double layer German choc- olate cake.” Other than the food, the memory of the music was something that many people have cherished over the years. While not every square dance had a live band, they all had at least a fi ddler that would play the most popular dance tunes. “Cliff Hardesty was kind of a local legend,” said Stahl. “He was the one who put the fi rst fi ddle in my hand and got me started. I had already played other instru ments and was playing guitar, but it was like falling head over heels in love. Cliff was the greatest fi ddler I ever knew for playing background music. He could play anything. It wasn’t necessarily note for note the tune, but it was something that fi t JANUARY 23, 2019 and sounded good.” Other fi ddlers in the area were: Jimmy Durben, Paul Parks, Bud Rose, Lefty Prof- fi tt, and Cecil Freetage. Th roughout the dancing, the swing- ing skirts, the good food, and the music, square dancing embodied the act of com- ing together as a community and becom- ing like a family, even if only for the night. “Th e dancers wore everything from sim- ple everyday clothes to elaborate gingham skirts with crinolines and western bolo ties,” said Fox. “Th eir feet moved so fast and their smiles lasted through the night. Th e community was like a big, happy family making memories I cherish to this day.” Although many callers and musicians are gone, their memories continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those who were privileged to have known them. “I was fortunate to have started when I was young and that let me get to work and know a lot of great people who are no lon- ger here except in memory,” said Stahl. “If I was to sum it all up, I hope at some point I brought a little happiness to someone and I know I am truly blessed.” We can help, naturally • Insomnia • Constipation • E.D. • Leg Cramps/Restless Legs • Arthritis • Allergies • Fatigue Chronic • Fibromyalgia • Irritable bowel • Gluten Intolerance • Food Allergies • Dieting • Menopause • PMS Marilyn’s Natural Foods 430 Main Street, Coshocton • 740-622-6792 Serving Coshocton’s health needs for 41 years Clinical Nutritionist on staff 0026_071818 THE BEACON 7B