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The what, where and how of county recycling Quality, compassionate care... at home. Tammi Rogers | Contributed JANUARY 23, 2019 When it matters most, count on us. Our Services Include: • Skilled Nursing • Home Therapy • Home Care Aide • Homemaker • Home IV Therapy • Personal Care • Non-medical Care • Hospice • Companionship • Palliative Care • Hospice Aides • Chaplain • Social Worker • Volunteer 420 Downtowner Plaza, Coshocton, Ohio 740-623-2949 0018_031418 contaminating the bin. Plastic bags should also COSHOCTON - Congratula- be kept out of the drop-off tions, Coshocton! Recy- bins. Unfortunately, plastic cling at the county drop-off bags can bind up machin- sites increased by 33.5 tons ery used to sort recycling in 2018 compared to 2017 at the facility. If you wish to numbers. Th ank you for use plastic bags to collect your recycling eff orts! My your recycling at home, goal in 2019 is to continue that’s fi ne. Just dump it to promote recycling while loose into the bins and take educating on best recycling those plastic bags back practices. home to reuse. Recycling Not sure where to take plastic bags, however, is your household recycling? available at both Buehler’s If you live in the city of and Wal-Mart, locally. Rogers Coshocton, it’s as simple Lastly, please do not as putting it in the bins place any items not listed above into provided to you and setting it at the curb the recycling bins. Th is is considered weekly. If you do not have a bin, contact illegal dumping. Th ankfully, this does city hall at 740-622-1465. not happen often. If you see trash or If you live outside the city of Coshoc- other non-recyclable debris in or around ton, there are still many opportunities to the recycling bins, please contact the recycle. Th ere are 12 drop-off locations Recycling & Litter Prevention Offi ce at throughout the county that are avail- 740-575-4813. able 24/7 for your convenience. All sites have at least two bins. One bin is marked Coshocton County “mixed recycling” and the other “card- Recycling Drop-off Sites board only.” Th e bins for cardboard have • Bakersville (59469 CR 2, next to a long, narrow slot in the side in order for boxes to be broken down (fl attened) and the Township Garage) inserted. Cardboard is for corrugated • Canal Lewisville (Rivercrest cardboard only, not paper or paperboard Drive- old fi re station site) items. Items that are not cardboard can • Conesville (508 Franklin Avenue) be deposited in the mixed recycling bin. • Fresno (near Township Garage Mixed recycling items accepted at the county drop-off sites include: steel cans, off Township Road 1045) aluminum cans, plastics #1-#7, and paper • Nellie (2nd Street, next to the items such as newspaper, offi ce paper, Community Center) magazines, brown paper bags, paper- • New Guilford (32531 SR 541, board (cereal boxes, 12-pack containers, Perry Township) etc.). We do not accept glass at the drop- • Plainfi eld (Main Street/ Park off s due to safety issues. Clear and brown glass may be recycled at Skip’s on County Avenue) Road 1A. • Warsaw (River View Community Check your plastic items for the “chas- Park) ing triangle” recycling symbol and • Tiverton (SR 206/CR 20, number. If you cannot locate a recycling Tiverton Township) symbol on the item, it is probably not re- • Tuscarawas Township (alley off cyclable and we ask that you do not place it in the recycling bins. Common plastic Cedar Street) items that are not recyclable in county • West Carlisle (Pike Township bins include Styrofoam, plastic bags, Hall) plastic hoses/tubing and toys. • West Lafayett e (200 Railroad When collecting items to be recycled, Street) remember to rinse cans and plastics to remove food/liquid. Did you know that Again, thank you, Coshocton for your the cleaner the recycling, the more mar- recycling eff orts! Please feel free to con- ketable it is? Items with food left on them can contaminate the entire bin turning it tact our offi ce with any questions or if you would like me to come speak to your into, well, trash. So, no pizza boxes with group. grease on them, no half empty mayon- Tammi Rogers is the Coshocton County naise jars. If you are unable or unwilling Recycling Program Manager & Education to remove the food debris from the con- tainer, please place it in the trash to avoid Specialist THE BEACON 5B