Book samples The Vine Project (Contents and Introduction) | Page 17

• Obviously enough, you need to be convinced personally that you want to utilize this book, and its process, for bringing lasting culture change to your church or ministry. You need to be comfortable that you are on the same page as us theologically (at least in all the important areas, if not on every particular), and that our suggested process is one you’re willing to commit to. • You’ll also start to get a sense, on this first read through, of who you might want to have on your Vine Project Team, as well as where you might want to modify or adapt or supplement the content for your own context—because we’re pretty sure you’ll want to. We have designed The Vine Project to be as flexible and applicable as possible to a multitude of different ministry contexts, but there will doubtless be topics you want to cover that are absent, as well as things we’ve covered that don’t apply to you or that you’d want to handle differently. This first read through will no doubt generate a little list of these customizations that you’d like to make. Fourthly, as we’ve already mentioned, a key aspect of The Vine Project is assembling a small team of fellow workers to work through the process together; to be the team of change agents who plan and initiate and exemplify and champion the change in culture that you’re wanting to achieve. Who should be on this team? • No more than ten people, and no fewer than four. It’s a team that needs to function well as a group, with enough people to bring ideas and energy and capability to the task, but not too many that meetings are hard to organize or that group dynamics become difficult. • You may