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and so on. It’s a process that will take months and years to complete. In fact, in some respects this is a book you’ll never finish. We fervently hope that The Vine Project will not end up being just another of those ministry books that you browse through, pick up a few interesting insights from, and then cast aside. This is also a book that you cannot successfully read on your own. Unless you gather a small group of godly, committed people to read this book with you, and to work through the process with you, then we’re pretty sure it will do you and your church little good. Of course, we understand that in order to decide whether you want to gather such a group of people and launch into The Vine Project together, you may want to read through the book first yourself! But our point is simply that in order for what follows to lead to any actual growth or change in your church culture, you will need to work through it all with a team. To make this process easier—of gathering a team and working through each phase of The Vine Project together over time—we’re providing you with support. At you’ll find not only a growing library of videos, stories, articles and case studies, but also a community of other ministry teams who are all working on ‘Vine Projects’ in their own context. It’s a place to ask questions, to learn from the experiences and insights of others, and to contribute your own. is also where team members can download their free team manual. This manual (available in PDF and MS Word formats) contains all the discussion questions, evaluations, activities and mini-projects from this book, so that you can reformat them, print them out, scribble on them, type in answers, and so on. We strongly encourage you to make the most of the support available at (For more information, see appendix ii or visit the website.) Review copy—not for distribution. THE BI G Q U EST ION TVP-2016-txt-ART.indd 19 19 16/03/2016 6:46 PM