Book of Abstracts: July 2013 Paliwanagan sa UP Diliman July 2013

About the 2013 Colloquium and Fair The 2013 Colloquium and Fair is the fourth event organized by the OVCRD under the theme Paliwanagan sa UP Diliman. Paliwanagan is a biannual activity that aims to create greater public awareness and appreciation of R&D in UP Diliman. It is scheduled in January and July. For the January Paliwanagan, there is only one event, which is a Colloquium featuring selected researches and creative works in the campus. For the July Paliwanagan, in addition to the Colloquium, there is also a Fair that features UP Diliman’s exhibition for the annual National Science and Technology Week (NSTW). In the 2012 Paliwanagan events, the Colloquium highlighted OVCRDfunded research and creative work projects. In the January 2013 Paliwanagan, the OVCRD took the R&D discourse (i.e. paliwanagan) several steps further by focusing on institutional research and creative work initiatives. This institutional thrust received very positive feedback from the Colloquium participants. Through the paper presentations, there emerged a clearer picture of what research, creative work and/or extension projects the featured units are doing, and of how the efforts of different UP Diliman units are interconnected with each other. In the present Colloquium, institutional research and creative work initiatives are once again featured. This time, the academic units take the spotlight and their deans/directors are the Colloquium presenters. The Fair presents selected inventions/innovations that highlight UP Diliman’s achievements on two fronts: a) intellectual property (IP) protection and commercialization and b) fusing art and technology to produce innovative solutions to problems confronting society. Its broader goal is to project UP Diliman as a dynamic center of research and creative work initiatives, thereby reinforcing its reputation as the country’s National University. Collectively, the Colloquium and Fair make a case for convergence. Through the Colloquium paper presentations and the inventions/ innovations featured in the Fair, the event endeavors to create a better appreciation of the interconnectedness and interdependence among the different disciplines. Consequently, it is hoped that the ultimate goal of paliwanagan – to transcend dialogue and exchange of information, and pave the way for collaboration and cooperation – would be achieved. Graphic arts by Gracezl Mark T. Manuel Logo design by Aleth A. Gayosa