Boogie Magazine Volume 1 - Page 9

Do you have a crazy story? I’m sure you have a lot of them. When I was 15 years old, um, at that time, I used to go backstage to many concerts because my friend, Tom Brunholtzle, was head of security at the sports arena and many other venues. So I could get passes to anything and I didn’t have to do any ‘favors’. I always ended up being one of the guys, not one of the hookers. -- groupies I would take all my cute girlfriends for that and just shove them into harms way so that I could be with the guys. They probably liked that. I was a guy in a girls body, when it came to that kind of stuff, I would block with my chicks, because they were happy to be that, I didn’t want to be that. They were groupies. They wanted to be with ‘so and so’. I didn’t, I wanted to BE him, not with him. I just wanted to be like one of the guys. It’s so funny, because when you’re tall and leggy like me and you’re young they think that you want that. I just wanted to learn about what they did and I’m just excited about music. So we went to see Humble Pie at the sports arena when I was 15. That’s when Steve Marriot was still alive. I just remember standing off to the side and we were going to leave after the end and they had this woman that was like their road-mom and they called her ‘Mother’. She had hair down to her butt, it was so thick. She was the most beautiful lady I ever saw. She was probably in her thirties and to me that was old back then, but she was so beautiful and she just came over and said, “You. You have to come over here because Steve and the guys want to meet you.” So we we