Boogie Magazine Volume 1 - Page 7

Henry is genius at. He knows how to push people to go outside the box. Honestly, he really knows good music when he hears it and he’s so honest. That’s why his publishing is worth millions, the guy is a genius and we’re still very close friends. In fact, he gave me a distribution deal for my live record. He’s very supportive. To find people like that in the music industry, who’ve been at it for so long, and know everybody, is so rare. It’s very rare. We’ll, you can find them, meet them, but to get them to actually work with youRight, he used to say, “We need to get you management, all this stuff is happening, it’s getting ridiculous that you have no manager.” and I’d tell him, “No, Henry, you’re managing me, I don’t want anyone else!” and he’d say, “No you’re crazy, I have enough going on.” After about 8 months he realized, “You know, here I am managing you. How did you make that happen? I am doing exactly what I said I didn’t want”, and I’m like, “Yeah, that’s right! You’re mine.” You do a really good job of promoting yourself. What’s your secret? I learned from the best, I mean honestly the best publicist, Jayne Rogovin. She was in Nashville, she passed away a few years ago. She taught me everything I don’t want to know ‘cause honestly I didn’t want this job! I wish somebody else would do it, but do I have a budget like I used to have? No, I do not! So I r